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Our Quantum services are non-typical, that is, we are specialists in the quantification of largescale variable based datasets used on projects for resources, labour and technical particulars.  We are experts in excel, specialists in database management and know how to resolve large, complex and technically challenging data assimilated projects.  We also affiliate ourselves with a number of external source specialists that work in SQL and Oracle so we have every base covered.


It is without doubt that major and mega project’s these days revolve around data.  Data on project’s are usually multi source, often without proper assimilation, and this is where we mark our difference.  We are able to assimilate large, complex and project significant datasets to establish the complete factual circumstances to ensure that when claims for time and cost are presented they are able to be properly assessed.  It is our theory that without properly assimilated data, most contractor’s are working with ‘one hand behind their back’, unable to comprehend the project in all the factual circumstances, meaning assessments are often lacking the fundamental basics to be effectively robust and defensible.

Our capabilities in this Quantum based space include:

  • Excel (VBA & Macro based),
  • Excel bridge for software such as Oracle P6,
  • Access, Visual Basic and Visual Studio (C++),
  • Oracle

For each commission, we custom build the database based on the deliverable and interface requirements for management and external third party stakeholders.  Then we add your visualisation requirements to enable the effective communication of the database with management and alike.  Below are some examples of the custom built databases with visualisation tools used to deliver our results and findings.