Expert Advisory

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At Halliant our Forensic Specialists rely on their in-depth experience and prior appointments to make the difference on each and every commission.

Whether it be an appointment to assist a claimant in formulating their best position, to independent expert advice at adjudication, mediation, arbitration or litigation, our thorough and real expertise makes all the difference for our clients, which include;

  • Claimants and defendants,
  • Lawyers (External and In-House),
  • Government agencies,
  • Private project owners,
  • Contractors,
  • Sub-Contractors,
  • Architectural practices,
  • Insurance companies, and
  • Commercial and investment firms.

As our sole service offering is forensic delay and disruption we are free from the pressures that often arise in the market with the need to engage firms and individuals who fulfil multifaceted service offerings. Our expertise is therefore real and deep, accorded by our peers and recognised by industry. Our Expert Advisory capabilities include;

  • Forensic Delay – claim preparation and review
  • Forensic Disruption – claim preparation and review
  • Commercial strategies (Delay and Disruption)
  • Expert advice, reports and appointments
  • Provision of evidence in mediation, arbitration and litigation