Dispute Resolution

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At Halliant we provide defensible and robust analysis along with innovative approaches to assist parties through their Dispute Resolution.

Our credibility is hard earned, our experience is real and our expertise deep which is why clients rely on our advice as we assist your Delay and Disruption matters through;

  • Adjudication,
  • Arbitration,
  • Mediation,
  • Dispute Boards,
  • Expert Determination, and
  • Litigation.

Our specialists have hands on and detailed experience through all of the various Dispute Resolution mechanisms, whether you are preparing a claim or responding with defence, we are here to help you understand your position and formulate your strategies.

As our role can vary, our Dispute Resolution services include;

  • Independent third party assessments,
  • Provision of evidence in adjudication,
  • Provision of evidence in agitated matters,
  • Expert Determination (Delay & Disruption),
  • Contract Adjudication (Delay & Disruption),
  • Dispute Boards