Claims Management

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Halliant’s expertise, knowledge and industry experience provides in-depth understanding of the legal process involved in preparing and presenting claims. Halliant’s Forensic Delay and Disruption specialists are experienced in the production of claims, as well as assessing claims to establish robust defence and counter claims.

Claims Management

Of the more common questions we hear from clients is “our project has been delayed and disrupted, how can we recover these losses and get an extension of time”. To start, we always take the time to explain the difference between matters which have Delayed opposed to those which have Disrupted a project.  This differentiation between Delay and Disruption is that each requires a different approach to demonstrating entitlement and establishing loss.  In simple terms, Delays are a lateness and often referred to as critical to project completion whereas disruptions are a loss or reduction in production or productivity which often does not affect completion.  Often both are related or entangled and require the experience of a forensic specialist to differentiate each in preparing or defending a claim.

Our specialists investigate, disentangle and assess the cause effect relationship of the following when preparing your case;

  • Changes in the timing of the works,
  • Changes in the sequence and scheduling of the works,
  • Changes to scope, character and location of the works,
  • Unanticipated or latent conditions,
  • Inclement weather or force majeure,
  • Suspension and stand down of the works,
  • Acceleration (the effect of applying additional resources), and
  • Overcrowding (overmanning) and stacking of trades.

And in establishing quantum and loss, our specialists evaluate;

  • Additional project management,
  • Additional engineering and support staff,
  • Additional administrative support,
  • Additional project and head office overheads,
  • Downtime including stand down, and
  • The direct costs of the change to the works.
Global claims

In some circumstances it is not possible or not appropriate to differentiate the delay, disruption and or loss caused by two or more events. When this occurs a claim is considered to be a global claim, as the loss or delay for each individual event has not been discretely established.  At Halliant our specialists have the necessary experience to properly frame, narrate and present your global or cumulative impact claim to ensure its success.