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uJenga is a collaborative and specialist firm, a trusted partner, which provides high quality commercial advice and quantum support on complex construction matters, be it a bid or dispute.

uJenga conveys reliability, expertise, and a dedication in construction, and a strong relationship that embodies the spirit of collaboration, construction, growth, and expertise. uJenga possess a comprehensive grasp of the key factors that contribute to long-term project success. uJenga goes beyond the surface level, delving into the intricacies of business and the specific project requirements, developing tailored solutions that align with their client’s objectives.
uJenga is led by Roger Newman, who has over 25+ years of experience as a Commercial Leader and Commercial Director. Roger has developed significant experience in the construction and infrastructure sectors, working on projects across the South Africa, Australia, and Asia. Roger has a proven track record of managing upstream and downstream contracts and relationships whilst ensuring optimum outcomes on in a commercial setting.