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At Halliant we recognise that we are as only as strong as ‘the sum of our parts’ who are those we partner and collaborate with. It is through this careful industry collaboration that we can deliver exceptional delay and disruption services.

At Halliant we also recognise that without the detailed support and expertise of others and other fields that we are only so strong. And, through transparency and the recognition of those we work with we hope to aid our clients in their search for commercial excellence in construction.

Strength through partnership

At Halliant we believe that to truly serve our clients, we must constantly evolve, learn, and expand our horizons. This is why we’ve fostered strategic partnerships with premier specialists from various sectors. Whenever a client’s needs stretch beyond our core expertise, we seamlessly integrate these specialist partners into the project, ensuring that you always get the best in the business, regardless of the challenge. Our collaborators are carefully chosen specialists who are leaders in their respective fields. Whether it’s Road, Rail, Utilities, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Commercial, or Social Infrastructure, rest assured that our network includes the best of each domain.

Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to our clients is unwavering. We are continuously on the lookout, sourcing the very best specialists in their fields to enhance our collaborative offerings. This ensures that as the industry evolves, so does our ability to tackle any challenge, head-on, with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

By entrusting Halliant for your delay and disruption needs, you’re not just getting our boutique consultancy’s dedicated attention; you’re also getting access to a curated network of experts, ready to add unparalleled value to your projects.

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